How to Cancel Steam Subscriptions

Have you subscribed to a third-party service (like EA Play) on Steam? You can cancel your subscription at any point. This guide will explain how.

Steam isn’t just a platform for purchasing games. You can also use Steam to grab subscriptions to gaming services like EA Play. Steam handles the payment, while you unlock the goods which, in most cases, include extra games to play.

What happens if you don’t want to have a Steam subscription you’ve signed up for previously? You can cancel a Steam subscription at any point. This guide will explain how.

How to Cancel Steam Subscriptions

The easiest way to cancel a Steam subscription is by using the Steam client or website. As the interface is standardized, the steps should be similar (although not entirely identical).

To cancel an active Steam subscription:

  1. Open the Steam website or client and sign in.
  2. Press your account name in the top-right and select Account details from the drop-down menu.
    Open account details on Steam
  3. In your account menu, press the Manage subscriptions button.
    Managing subscriptions on Steam
  4. Make a note of the next billing date for your subscription.
  5. Under Subscriptions, select the Edit button next to the subscription you want to cancel.
    Steam edit subscription button
  6. Select the Cancel my subscription button and press Apply.
    Cancel subscription button on Steam

Steam will cancel your subscription from your next billing date. This means that, until that billing date passes, you can continue to take advantage of the benefits of the canceled subscription.

How to Restart Steam Subscriptions

If you’ve changed your mind about a canceled Steam subscription, you can reactivate it at any point. Payment for the subscription will resume from the previously stated billing date if your subscription is still active.

If this date has passed and the subscription has already ended, Steam will charge your payment method and activate the subscription again immediately.

To restart a Steam subscription:

  1. Open the Steam client or the Steam website and make sure you’ve signed in.
  2. Select your account name (top-right) and press Account details from the drop-down.
    Open account details on Steam
  3. Press Manage subscriptions in your account menu.
    Managing subscriptions on Steam
  4. Click the Edit button next to the canceled subscription.Steam edit subscription button
  5. Choose the subscription tier you want to sign up for from the options provided.
  6. To activate the subscription, press the Apply button.
    Reactivate subscription on Steam
  7. Follow any additional on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Once you’ve completed this process, your Steam subscription should continue or reactivate immediately (as long as the payment for it has been processed successfully).

How to Request a Refund for a Steam Subscription

Changed your mind about a Steam subscription? If you’re lucky, you might be able to cancel and request a refund. We’d recommend doing this quickly after purchasing a Steam subscription.

Ideally, this would be as soon as possible, but certainly within the first 24 hours. At the very latest, Steam is unlikely to consider refunds after 14 days, or after the minimum period granted for digital purchases in your locale.

This does not affect your statutory rights to a refund in your locale. If you’re unsure, check with Steam directly about the possibility of a refund first. You can also review the Steam policy for refunds before you begin.

To request a refund for a Steam subscription:

  1. Open the Steam support website. Alternatively, open the Steam client and press Help > Steam Support.
  2. Scroll through the list of options and press Purchases.
    Open purchases help on Steam
  3. In the I need help with a previous purchase or shipping section, select your Steam subscription payment.
  4. Click the I would like a refund button in the What issue are you having with this purchase? section.
    Request a refund on Steam
  5. Confirm your choice by pressing I’d like to request a refund button in the next menu.
  6. Choose a reason for the refund from the Reason drop-down menu
  7. Next, type a short statement confirming why you’d like a refund. This is important—you’ll want to explain with a good reason why you think a refund is necessary. For example, if the platform doesn’t work as intended, you might want to specify this here.
  8. To complete the refund request, press the Submit request button.
    Request a refund on Steam
  9. Follow any additional on-screen instructions.

At this point, Steam will review your refund request, which may take some time. If the refund is accepted, you’ll receive a notification by email. The refund amount will be returned to your Steam wallet or to your payment method.

If the refund is rejected, you’ll receive a notification to your Steam account email to explain why.

Managing Your Steam Account

Using the steps above, you can quickly cancel a Steam subscription when you’re finished with it. This doesn’t stop you from reactivating your subscription at any point. You should also remember that any subscriptions will continue until your next billing date unless you request and receive a refund.

Need to take further steps to manage your Steam account? You might want to set up a new Steam wishlist for games you’re looking to purchase in the future. You can also disable your Steam notifications to limit the amount of spam you’re receiving while you’re playing your games.

Trying to manage a large game library on Steam? You can add and create Steam categories to sort out your games by interest, genre, or by playability.

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