MacOS Sierra is coming. Here’s everything we know so far.

With summer coming to an end fall is fast approaching. And with fall comes the next wave of geek hardware and software, MacOS included. Let’s review what we know so far on Apples new OS Sierra.

With summer coming to an end fall is fast approaching. And with fall comes the next wave of geek hardware and software, MacOS included. With the beta versions of the OS having gone through their trials and paces, we can already have a pretty clear picture of what the final update will bring to the table. Additionally, we can also speculate what hidden features Apple didn’t tell us about will make it into the OS.

Here’s everything we know so far about the legendary OS that is dropping “X” from its name.



Sierra is the first Desktop OS to introduce Siri on board. The voice assistant will share many of its features from its mobile counterpart but will also offer unique functionality to desktops such as, the ability to look for files and documents and drag and pin items from search results. Although in its infancy, it is also rumored that Siri for Sierra may get third party app support from the Mac App Store just like Siri on iOS 10.




With the latest versions of MacOS, iOS and WatchOS users will be able to take advantage of Continuity. Automatic unlock, a sub-feature of continuity will allow users to unlock their Macs with an authenticated Apple Watch, assuming Bluetooth is turned on. Users can also use the universal clipboard to copy content on one device and paste it on another.



Similar to iOS 10, the Photos app will be overhauled with AI to help distinguish between different objects, places, and people. In addition to this, Photos is rumored to be able to recognize different facial expressions. It will also be able to create automated videos based on the location of photos you’ve taken. These videos will also be customizable and ready to share online.




The Messages app for MacOS has gone through the same overhaul like the one in iOS 10, bringing many of the features to the desktop. Rich links and the ability to react to messages via a long press are perhaps the two most notable updates.


Storage Optimizations


To reduce used disk space, Sierra will automatically move less frequently used files to iCloud. In addition to this, Apple now allows users to clear a lot of Mac app cached data that was previously difficult to remove.


Apple Pay


On supported websites, users will be able to use Safari to pay for goods with Apple Pay. Instead of a password, users can authenticate via Touch ID on a nearby iPhone or by unlocking their Apple Watch.


Geek Stuff

  • Apple has reintroduced RAID support with RAID 1 and RAID 0.
  • Sierra is the first OS to introduce the Apple File System or APFS.
  • By default, Safari on Sierra will block Adobe Flash to improve security and battery life on portable computers.
  • All Safari extensions will now be moved to the Mac App Store, allowing for better discoverability and easier quality control.

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