Android Tip: Prevent Apps from Automatically Updating


Although the feature can be convenient, I personally like to control when and where my apps update. Here’s a quick tip on how to configure the auto update feature on Android devices.

Prevent Android Automatic App Updates

If you’ve enabled automatic updates by mistake or they’re on for any other reason, disabling them isn’t too difficult.

Step 1 – Fire up the Google Play Store app on your Android device. Slide your finger from left to right to pull up the menu. Go to Settings.

Disable auto update Android

Step 2 – Under General, find Auto-update apps and tap it.

Disable auto update

Step 3 – Now, set things to Do not auto-update apps and you’re done. Or you can decide to only update when you’re on a Wi-Fi connection (I personally prefer this option). The choice is all yours.

Disable auto update