How to Leave a Discord Server

Discord on mobile

Don’t stay in a Discord server that doesn’t suit your needs. You can leave a Discord server at any time using the steps in this guide.

If you’re new to Discord, you can join various servers that cater to your interests, hobbies, or work needs.  What happens if you want to leave a server that you no longer enjoy or need?

Maybe you’re tired of the spam, drama, or irrelevant topics. Maybe you’ve found a better server that suits your preferences. Perhaps you just want to declutter your Discord app and focus on the servers that matter to you.

Whatever your reason, leaving a Discord server is easy and quick. We’ll show you how to leave a Discord server using the steps below.

What Happens When You Leave a Discord Server

When you leave a Discord server, you lose all your roles and permissions in that server. You’ll also lose access to all the channels, messages, files, and other content in that server. You won’t be able to see who else is online or offline on that server, either.

However, leaving a Discord server doesn’t delete your account or profile from Discord. You can still use Discord normally with other servers or friends that you’re still part of. You can also rejoin a server that you left at any time, as long as you have an invite link or code for that server.

If you’re the owner of a Discord server, you can’t leave it unless you transfer ownership to someone else first. To do this, visit your server, select your server name in the top-left, and select Server Settings.

Open Discord server settings

In your server settings menu, select Members from the left sidebar, listed under the User Management section at the bottom.

Discord settings members tab

From there, find the member that you want to make the new owner and click on the three dots next to their name. Select Transfer Ownership from the menu and confirm your choice.

Transfer ownership of a Discord server

How to Leave a Discord Server on a PC or Mac

The most common way to leave a Discord server on your PC or Mac is to use the server settings menu. This menu lets you access various options for managing a server membership, such as muting notifications, changing your nickname, or inviting others.

However, as a standard Discord server member, you can use the same drop-down menu to exit the server.

To leave a Discord server, follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord and select the server icon on the left sidebar.
  2. Press the down arrow next to the server name in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Alternatively, right-click the server icon on the left and select Leave Server.
  4. A menu will appear with several options—select Leave Server from the menu.
    Leave a Discord server option
  5. A confirmation prompt will pop up, so press Leave Server again to confirm your choice.
    Confirm leaving a Discord server

How to Leave a Discord Server on a Mobile Device

You can also exit a Discord server using the mobile app for Android, iPhone, and iPad users.

To leave a Discord server on a mobile device:

  1. Open the Discord mobile app and select the menu icon in the top-right.
    Open the Discord menu on mobile
  2. Tap and hold onto the server icon on the left, then tap More Options.
    Discord mobile more options menu
  3. A menu will appear with several options—scroll down and select Leave Server.
    Leaving a Discord server on mobile
  4. You’ll be asked to confirm your choice, so tap Yes to do so.
    Confirm leaving a Discord server

At this point, you’ve successfully left the server and it will no longer appear on your sidebar. You won’t receive any messages or notifications from that server anymore. You also won’t be able to post any messages or access any channels in that server.

Using Discord

Leaving a Discord server is a simple and quick process that you can do on any device. If you decide to leave, you can follow the steps above to do so.

Have you left a server by mistake? Don’t panic, as you can rejoin a server that you left at any time, as long as you still have an invite link or code for that server. If you don’t, you can always ask a Discord friend on the same server if they can secure another invite for you to use.

Want to start your own Discord server? The process is easy. You can then customize it with roles or, if you want to try something different, you can even add emojis to channel names.