How to Check Time in GeForce Now

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Running out of game time on your GeForce Now session? Keep track of your gameplay with this simple guide on how to check your time in GeForce Now.

Are you a fan of cloud gaming? If so, you’re probably already using GeForce NOW, NVIDIA’s service that lets you play PC games on various devices without needing powerful hardware to do it.

The problem you’ve got to deal with, however, is time. Checking time in GeForce NOW is important—it can help you avoid interruptions in your gameplay. GeForce NOW has different membership plans that can affect how long you can play without waiting or restarting. You might find that some games you can play on the platform have time limits or rewards based on playtime, too.

You don’t want to miss out on any action or fun because of unexpected session ends or queues, so learn how to check time in GeForce NOW using the different methods below.

Use the In-Game Overlay

The easiest way to check time in GeForce NOW is to use the in-game overlay using your keyboard. This overlay shows you various information about your session, such as:

  • Remaining session time: This is the amount of time left before your session ends, and you have to restart or join a queue again. The remaining session time depends on your membership plan and whether there are other users waiting for a rig.
  • Elapsed session time: This is the amount of time that has passed since you started your session. The elapsed session time can help you keep track of how long you have been playing a game.
  • Network latency: This is the delay between your input and the response from the server. The lower the latency, the smoother and more responsive your gameplay will be.
  • Network quality: This is an indicator of how stable and fast your internet connection is. The higher the quality, the better your streaming performance will be.

To access this information, simply press Ctrl+G while you’re signed in and playing a game (full screen) on GeForce NOW.

GeForce Now remaining use counter

You can also customize the overlay settings by clicking on the gear icon.

Use Your Device’s Clock

Another way to check time in GeForce NOW is to use your device’s clock. This method works for any device that supports GeForce NOW, but it requires a bit of planning on your part.

To use this method, simply note down the current time just before you start a session on GeForce NOW.

Time just before a new GeForce Now session

Once you’ve got the start date, subtract it from the current time whenever you want to check how long you have been playing a game. For example, if you start a session at 10:00 AM and want to check how long you have been playing at 11:15 AM, do this calculation: 11:15 – 10:00 = 1 hour and 15 minutes.

This method can help you estimate your elapsed session time but not your remaining session time. If you want, you could always use a Google Sheets spreadsheet to keep a log of your gameplay dates and durations.

Recorded sessions from GeForce Now in Google Sheets

Managing Your Gameplay

Checking the time in GeForce NOW will help you to manage your gaming habits and avoid losing access at the worst possible moment.

Got a spare Chromebook that you can’t find a use for? You could turn your Chromebook into a GeForce Now gaming device using your web browser—no extra hardware required.

If you’re having trouble with gameplay quality, it could be a network issue. Thankfully, you can fix GeForce Now low resolution issues with some common troubleshooting steps (as long as your connection is stable enough).

If the platform isn’t for you, however, you can always cancel your GeForce Now subscription at any point. The subscription will continue until your next billing date, allowing you to get a last bit of gameplay in before it ends. You can always play your games on your own gaming PC or laptop afterward.