How to Turn on Spell Check in Discord

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Need to correct your spelling while you’re gaming? The Discord client on PC and Mac has a built-in spell checker. Here’s how to use it.

Bad grammar, spelling mistakes, and poor punctuation shouldn’t hold you back from long conversations with your friends. If you’re trying to improve the quality of your messages, you might want to consider using a spell checker in Discord.

Spell checks can help to ensure that messages are written correctly, minimizing misunderstandings and making conversations easier to read.

To turn on Discord’s spell-check feature, follow the steps below.

How to Use Discord Spell Checking on PC or Mac

If you want to use spell-checking in Discord on your PC or Mac, make sure that the correct language pack is installed. Windows 11 users can change their language at any point.

Likewise, if you’re on Mac, make sure to add the correct language pack. Otherwise, the spell-checker won’t work on Discord.

If you’re already using the correct language pack, you can start using Discord spell-checking.

To enable and use Discord spell checking on a PC or Mac:

  1. Open Discord on your PC or Mac.
  2. Select the channel you want to use for spell-checking.
  3. Type a message that contains a misspelling.
  4. Right-click on the misspelled word.
  5. To enable Discord spell-checking, make sure that the Spellcheck option is enabled.
    Enable spell checking on Discord
  6. To correct a spelling, right-click the misspelled word and select one of the suggested corrections.
    Correcting a misspelling on Discord
  7. If you want to add the word to your custom Discord dictionary, right-click on it and select Add to Dictionary.
    Adding a custom word to Discord's spell checking dictionary

With spellcheck now enabled, you can continue typing and using the feature when needed.

Is spell check not working on Discord? Just give the Discord client a restart or switch to using it in your web browser.

How to Remove Custom Words from a Discord Spell Checker

Added a word to your Discord spell checker and wished you hadn’t? There isn’t an easy reset button for this.

If you’re using a PC or Mac client, removing and reinstalling it is the easiest thing to do. This will clear your cache, allowing you to start with a fresh library of custom words, but you may lose other settings.

If you’d rather avoid that, you can remove custom words from Discord by using the Developer Tools menu in a Discord testing client like Discord Public Test Build or Discord Canary.

To remove custom words from Discord:

  1. Open the Discord PTB or Canary client on your PC or Mac and sign in. If you don’t have this installed already, download it and install it first.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + I to open the Developer Tools menu on Windows or Option + Command + I on Mac.
  3. At the top of the developer tools menu, press the Application tab.
  4. On the left, press Local Storage > under the Storage section. This may appear with a subdomain like if you’re using the Canary version of the Discord client.
    Opening the applications tab in the Discord developer tools menu
  5. Locate the SpellCheckStore key on the right. You can use the Filter menu at the top to help you.
  6. Right-click the key and press Delete.
    Deleting the spellcheck key on Discord

This will remove the words from your Discord spell-checking library, but it will clear all of them. If you’d rather avoid this, you may be able to edit the key to remove or change some of the words by right-clicking it and selecting Edit Value instead.

Any changes you make should be applied immediately, but if not, close Discord and restart it to see the changes take effect.

Can You Use Discord Spell Checking on Mobile Devices?

Unfortunately, spell-checking isn’t available for Discord users on Android, iPhone, or iPad devices.

If you want to use spell checker on Discord, you’re limited to using the PC or Mac client for Discord. Alternatively, you can use Discord in your web browser on your PC or Mac instead, alongside a third-party application like Grammarly to correct your spelling.

Spelling Success on Discord

Using the steps above, you can quickly check your spelling on Discord using the built-in language packs included with your device. If you’re new to Discord, there are some other things you can try next.

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