How to Download Cloud Saves on Steam

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Steam automatically saves your game files to its cloud storage. If you want to download these Steam save files, you can do so by following this guide.

There’s no crime in giving up a game you can’t complete to move on to something else. What happens when you want to have another crack at it in the future, however?

If you’re using Steam, you should be able to take advantage of cloud saving to return to a game you’ve played previously. Cloud saves are synced to your online Steam account. If you want to share the game file with another user (or with another version of the game you own), you might want to download the cloud save files.

If you want to know how to download cloud saves on Steam, follow this guide.

Checking Your Steam Cloud Sync Settings

You can only download Steam cloud save files if cloud saving is enabled in the Steam client. If it isn’t, you might not have any cloud save files to download.

You can check whether or not your game is syncing with Steam by accessing the settings menu for that game in the Steam client. You can follow these steps on Steam on a PC or a Mac.

To check your Steam cloud sync settings:

  1. Open the Steam client on your PC or Mac.
  2. Click the Library tab at the top.
    Open the Steam library
  3. In the Library menu, right-click a game and select Properties.
    Open game properties on Steam
  4. In the pop-up options menu for that game, ensure that the Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud checkbox is enabled.
    Enabling Steam cloud saves
  5. Exit the menu and restart Steam to confirm the changes.

Once you’ve restarted Steam, launch the game at least once. This will ensure that your files are synced with Steam’s servers.

How to Download Steam Cloud Save Files Online

If cloud syncing is enabled for your Steam game, you should be ready to download the individual save files. You can do this from any device by visiting the Steam website.

To download your Steam cloud save files online:

  1. Open the Steam Cloud website in your web browser and sign in.
  2. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see a list of games with cloud save files.
  3. To download a cloud save file for a game, click Show Files for that game in the list of game entries.
    Show cloud save files on Steam
  4. In the list of game files, locate a suitable game save file (eg. .eu4 files for Europa Universalis 4 game save files) and click Download.
    Download cloud save files on Steam
  5. Follow any additional on-screen instructions to save the file to your PC or Mac.

Once you’ve downloaded the game save file, you can restore it manually by placing it in the local directory for your game. This will make it accessible for you to play the game save file.

You can also send it to somebody else for them to play, move it to another PC, or store it yourself in other cloud storage. For example, you may want to back up your important game save files to Google Drive.

Playing Your Favorite Games on Steam

Don’t let a tough mission put you off finishing your favorite games on Steam. If you decide to download your Steam cloud saves, you can always delete the save files (while keeping the original files safe) and start afresh to tackle it from the start.

There’s also nothing wrong with putting a game aside and playing something else. You can start by creating a Steam wishlist with some games you want to try in the future. If you want to, you can also gift a Steam game to a friend or family member to play it together or share Steam games.

Wondering whether you’re getting the best in-game performance? You can enable the Steam FPS counter to help you reduce (or increase) your graphics settings to match.

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