How to Check How Long you’ve Followed Someone on Twitch

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If you’ve ever wondered how long you’ve followed someone on Twitch, wonder no more, because this guide will help you check for yourself.

Have you ever watched a Twitch streamer and wondered how you got there?

Perhaps you’ve been watching them for a while or caught up with them after a long absence. You might even wonder how to check how long you’ve followed someone on Twitch.

Twitch doesn’t make it easy to find this information, but if you know where to look, you can find it. If you want to know how long you’ve followed someone on Twitch, follow the steps below.

How to Find Out How Long You’ve Followed Someone on Twitch Using the Twitch Center Follow Website

Twitch doesn’t make information about the length of time you’ve followed someone available via the Twitch website. The easiest method to check for this information is using a third-party website.

A few websites exist for this purpose, but the Twitch Center Follow website is an easy-to-use option. It’s a simple tool that will give you the date you began following another Twitch user. You can also use it to find out how long other people have followed you or followed other Twitch users, too.

To find out how long you’ve followed someone on Twitch using the Twitch Center Follow website:

  1. Open your web browser and visit the Twitch Center Follow website.
  2. In the first text box on the left (labeled Username), type in your username (e.g., twitchgaming). If you want to check how long someone else has followed a Twitch user, type in that person’s username instead.
  3. In the second text box on the right (labeled Channel), type in the username of the channel you (or somebody else) have followed.
  4. Press the Check Date button.
    Checking your Twitch follow date online

If the username information is correct, the date you (or somebody else) followed another Twitch channel will appear above the Check Date button, along with the length of time.

How to Reset Your Twitch Following Time

Want to reset your stats? If you want to stop Twitch from knowing the real amount of time that you’ve followed someone, there’s an easy fix—you can unfollow them and follow them again afterward.

The clock is reset if you unfollow and then refollow a Twitch user. Twitch will record the date you re-followed those users as the date you originally followed them.

Unfollow button on Twitch

The slate is clean at this point, and you can repeat these steps at any point to make sure the data that Twitch makes public isn’t quite correct. You can do this on a PC, Mac, or mobile device—the effect is the same.

Accessing User Profile Data Using the Twitch API

While information about Twitch dates isn’t publicly available on the website, it is available publicly using the Twitch API.

The Twitch API is the public data source that websites like Twitch Center Follow use to find (among other things) the follow date for users. Technically speaking; however, this is only really useful for developers who work on third-party apps and tools for Twitch, but it is available for all Twitch users.

Twitch API example

An example of a section of the documentation for the Twitch API

If you want to figure out how to interface with the Twitch API and pull up information on your Twitch account (including the length of time you’ve followed someone), you can read the Twitch documentation to get started. You can then use the example request listed on the left for each use case example to build your request for data using the Twitch API and a suitable request tool like cURL.

However, you will need to register for an appropriate Twitch developer authentication token for it to work. With this in mind, this is only recommended for advanced users with development experience.

Making Memories on Twitch

If you’ve been curious to learn more about your Twitch user habits, you can check how long you’ve followed someone on Twitch using the steps above.

Good streams mean great memories, whether you’re an active participant or a happy lurker. Why don’t you create a Twitch clip to capture a funny moment mid-stream?

You can also improve the Twitch experience by changing some of your settings. For example, you could appear invisible on Twitch by setting your direct message (whisper) settings to ignore unknown users. You might consider blocking Twitch ads by taking out a Twitch Turbo subscription (or subscribing to a streamer you love to watch).