How to Suggest Channels on Twitch

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Got recommendations for Twitch streamers that you want to share? You can suggest channels on Twitch through your profile page using the steps in this guide.

If you’re a Twitch regular, you’ve probably built up a list of streamers you hate to miss. However, assuming your list is long enough, you might struggle to pick the right streamer to watch from your list of favorite streamers.

Want to make it easier for you (and others) to catch your favorite streams? You can suggest channels to other Twitch users from your profile. Suggesting a Twitch channel makes it prominent on your profile, making it easier to catch up with a favorite streamer when they’re live.

If you’re unsure how to suggest channels on Twitch, follow the steps below.

How to Suggest Channels on the Twitch Website

The quickest and easiest way to suggest channels to other Twitch users is to set them up via the Twitch website. This is possible on your PC, Mac, or other devices with a capable web browser.

To suggest channels on the Twitch website from a PC or Mac:

  1. Open the Twitch website in your web browser and sign in.
  2. Once you’ve signed in, click the profile icon in the top right.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Settings.
    Open the Twitch settings on the website
  4. On the Settings screen, click the Channels and Videos tab. You’ll be moved to the Channel Settings section in the Creators Dashboard menu.
    Open Twitch channel and videos settings
  5. At the top, click the Featured Content tab.
  6. Click the slider next to the Suggested Channels option to switch it to the On position.
  7. Choose the priority options for suggested channels below by choosing Display channels in an order personalized to each viewer or Display channels in the order they appear in the list.
  8. Next, click Manage your Suggested Channels.
    Change your suggested channel settings on Twitch
  9. In the next menu, use the search bar to locate users you want to add to your suggested channels list.
  10. Hover over the names in the search results and click Add to add them to your suggested channels list.
    Add suggested channels on Twitch
  11. If you’ve decided to prioritize channels based on the order in the list, you can drag and re-arrange the list by clicking and holding on to a channel name and moving it up and down in the list, letting go once it’s in the correct position.
  12. To remove a channel from the list, hover over the added channel and click the Remove icon.
    Remove suggested channels on Twitch

How to View Your Suggested Channels on Twitch

Once you’ve added channels to your suggested list, the channels will appear as suggestions on your Twitch profile. These suggestions appear when you’re not streaming yourself.

To access your profile page to view your suggested channels, click the profile icon in the top right and select Channel. A live suggested channel will appear at the top. This will usually be the top (and currently live) streamer, based on your order list.

Suggested channels on Twitch

The full list of suggested Twitch streamers will appear in the Home tab on your profile. Each streamer will be represented with their profile icon and username. Other Twitch users can click the icon to move to that streamer’s profile page.

How to Suggest Channels on the Twitch Mobile App

Unfortunately, it isn’t currently possible to make changes to your Twitch suggested channels list using the Twitch mobile app.

The Twitch mobile app isn’t as feature-filled as the website. However, if you want to make changes to your settings, you can use your mobile web browser and visit the Twitch website. You can then follow the steps we’ve outlined above.

However, you may need to switch your browser to desktop mode to allow you to view the necessary menus. This will make navigation harder, but it should still be possible.

Using Twitch Effectively

Using the steps above, you can quickly suggest channels on Twitch from your Twitch profile. Other Twitch users, when they access your profile page, will see those streamers, making it a good way to push your friends toward streamers you love to watch live.

New to Twitch? You might want to make some changes to your account settings. For instance, you can change your Twitch name or change your name color on Twitch to brighten up your messages in the chat.

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