How to Delete Screenshots on Steam

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Too many screenshots on Steam can fill up your storage. You can delete Steam screenshots you don’t like or want using this guide.

Steam isn’t just a gaming platform—it’s a gaming community. You can play with friends, share your game reviews, and post videos and screenshots to show off your gameplay action.

Steam offers its own cloud storage for videos and images you upload. What happens when you upload too many screenshots on Steam?

You might decide that it’s time for a clearout. If you’re unsure how to delete screenshots on Steam, you can follow the steps below.

How to Delete Local Screenshots on Steam

There are two types of screenshots that you can save via Steam. The first is local Steam screenshots. These are screenshots that are saved on your PC locally but aren’t shared with your Steam account online.

You can manage and delete local screenshots on Steam using the Steam client.

To delete local screenshots on Steam:

  1. Open the Steam client and sign in.
  2. From the menu, select View > Screenshots.
    Open the Steam screenshots menu
  3. In the Screenshot Uploader pop-up, you’ll see a list of screenshots you’ve taken and saved on your account.
  4. Select a screenshot (or screenshots) in the menu that you want to delete. Hold down the Shift key to select more than one screenshot at a time.
  5. To view the files locally, press the Show on Disk button. You can delete these files manually using File Explorer or Finder.
  6. To delete the selected screenshots, press the Delete button instead.
    Deleting local screenshots in Steam
  7. Confirm you want to delete the screenshot by pressing the Delete button in the pop-up menu.
    Confirm Steam local screenshot deletion
  8. Repeat the process for any additional screenshots you wish to remove.

Any files you delete are unrecoverable, so make sure only to delete the local Steam screenshots you want to remove.

How to Delete Online Screenshots on Steam

Steam offers online cloud storage for users to share and save their favorite screenshots. These can then be shared as part of reviews and in-game communities.

To delete these screenshots, you’ll need to access the Screenshots menu in Steam.

To delete online screenshots on Steam:

  1. Open the Steam client and sign in.
  2. Select View > Screenshots from the top menu.
    Open the Steam screenshots menu
  3. In the Screenshot Uploader pop-up menu, press the View Online Library button.
    Open the online Steam screenshot library
  4. In your online storage menu, press the Manage Screenshots button.
  5. Select any screenshots you wish to remove by clicking them individually. Alternatively, press the Select All button to select all of the screenshots you’ve uploaded previously.
  6. To delete the screenshots from your Steam cloud storage, press the Delete button.
    Delete online screenshots on Steam
  7. Steam will ask you for confirmation to remove the images, so press Continue to proceed.
    Confirm online screenshot deletion on Steam

Steam will remove any screenshots you’ve selected. You can repeat this process, but you can’t undo it unless you still have the original screenshots on your PC or Mac.

If you do, you can then re-upload the images to your Steam cloud storage.

Managing Your Steam Account

Using the steps above, you can quickly delete screenshots on Steam. If you’re running out of disk space for local screenshots, you can easily manage any screenshots you save using the Steam client.

As for screenshots you upload, you can remove them at any point, too. You might decide to upload videos on Steam instead, so you’ll need to make some room!

Found a game you like? Don’t forget to write a Steam review for others to hear your opinions. If the Steam client is proving to be too annoying, you might decide to mute your Steam notifications next.

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