MSN News Beta – News – msn

Microsoft released an update for its MSN News beta app for Android and IOS. This is the biggest updates since the app first came to both mobile platforms. It features tons of new updates to the user interface and added functionality. Read more

Amazon Fire TV Now Supports Single Sign-on for TV Everywhere Apps

Signing in to your favorite TV Everywhere apps just got a lot easier on Amazon Fire TV with the Single Sign-on feature.

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Better than holograms: A new 3-D projection into thin air


One of the enduring sci-fi moments of the big screen — R2-D2 beaming a 3-D image of Princess Leia into thin air in “Star Wars” — is closer to reality thanks to the smallest of screens: dust-like particles.

Scientists have figured out how to manipulate nearly unseen specks in the air and use them to create 3-D images that are more realistic and clearer than holograms, according to a study in Wednesday’s journal Nature . The study’s lead author, Daniel Smalley, said the new technology is “printing something in space, just erasing it very quickly.”

Source: Better than holograms: A new 3-D projection into thin air

Logic Pro X update includes Smart Tempo feature and powerful effect plug-ins – Apple

Today Apple announced the next update to Logic Pro X, its professional music production software, featuring a breakthrough new tempo detection technology and a number of powerful effect plug-ins, giving musicians even more creative control and flexibility with their projects.

Apple announces an update to Logic Pro X, its professional music production software, giving musicians even more flexibility with their projects.

  1. Sounds like a great announcement.
  2. Let’s get rolling!

Source: Logic Pro X update includes Smart Tempo feature and powerful effect plug-ins – Apple

DuckDuckGo Browser Extension & Mobile App

Independent search engine aka “The search engine that doesn’t track you”, announced today that they’ve released Browser Extensions for Apple, Android, and Chrome Browsers. Read more

Reddit enables two-factor authentication | ZDNet

We are always talking about the importance of Two Factor Authentication to secure your online life and now another major online service has added it. Make sure to add 2FA to your Reddit account as well as all of your online services!

“You asked for it, and we’re delivering! Today, all Reddit users have the option to enable two-factor authentication for an additional layer of account security.

We have been slowly rolling this feature out, starting with beta testers, moderators, and third-party app developers, to ensure a positive experience across devices. Your feedback has been incredibly valuable, from pointing out bugs to recommending features. Thank you to everyone involved in testing.” Source: Reddit

MacOS Sierra is coming. Here’s everything we know so far.

With summer coming to an end fall is fast approaching. And with fall comes the next wave of geek hardware and software, MacOS included. With the beta versions of the OS having gone through their trials and paces, we can already have a pretty clear picture of what the final update will bring to the table. Additionally, we can also speculate what hidden features Apple didn’t tell us about will make it into the OS. Read more

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How to Enable Windows Spotlight in Windows 10

When Windows 10 debuted in late July, one feature that turned out to be exclusive in the Home edition was Spotlight. Spotlight adds activities to your Lock Screen with an original feature so far being a slideshow of beautiful pictures were taken from around the world you can provide feedback. With the recent November Update, Microsoft included the feature in its premium business edition Windows 10 Pro. Here is how you enable it.

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Outlook for Mac – How To Enable Out of Office Assistant

With the release of the new Microsoft Outlook for Mac, features like the Out of Office Auto-Reply Assistant are now available to Apple users. For those of us working in a corporate / Office 365 environment on a Mac, this is great news. In this groovyPost, I’m going to show you how to enable the out of office feature from the Outlook for Mac client.
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Android Tip: Prevent Apps from Automatically Updating

Although the feature can be convenient, I personally like to control when and where my apps update. Here’s a quick tip on how to configure the auto update feature on Android devices. Read more